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Wool felt is one of the most versatile textiles on the planet, and has unmatched characteristics. Wool felt is naturally flame retardant and is self extinguishing, can absorb liquid four times its weight, can be made into a soft fleece or a rock hard polishing wheel, has excellent resistance to acids and solvents, has high thermal insulating properties, and is extremely sound absorbing.

Density, which relates to the hardness of the felt, determines one of the main property differences between the different grades of SAE wool felt. The second major differentiator is the percentage of wool content within the felt. SFG’s highest quality felt is made with 95% – 100% virgin wool. All of SFG’s SAE wool felt will handle continuous operating temperatures between -80 to +200 °F.

Felt Buffing Mounts

Felt Buffing Mounts

colour felt

Coloured Felt

Technical Applications of wool felts

  1. As a Seal:

Felt seals are used because they prevent the escape of oils, greases and gases. And the entrance of dust and dirt. They are easy to install and may be impregnated with oil before assembly. They are available in a very wide range of thickness, diameters and densities.

  1. As a Friction Material / Polishing:

Wool felts are used for wiping because their non-fray homogeneous structure maintains constant performance during wear life and they can carry a liquid layer and distribute it evenly. They are used for polishing because they are tough and resilient and during use wear in such a way that the working surface is constantly renewed.

  1. As a wick:

Felts are used because they absorb liquids readily due to capillary action are non-fray and resilient. They store distribute and deliver a wide range of liquids.

  1. As a Cushioning material or insulator for sound or heat:

Because of their long lasting resiliency under different loads, wool felts are used as vibration isolators, for padding, cushioning, gasketing, as heat insulating material and as shock-absorbing packaging.

  1. As a dust collector or filter medium for liquid or gas:

Because of their homogeneous structure giving high flow rates and good particle collection efficiencies, wool felts make excellent filter media where the chemical and physical conditions are not destructive of the wool fibre. Wool felt filter fabrics are available in a wide range of thickness and densities according to their need.

  1. As a filter

It voids in the felt material trap and hold particulate matter extremely well, while withstanding long term exposure to water, oil and chemicals.

Other technical applications include but are not limited to:

Anti-vibration and sound absorption, Dust Collection, Dust Seals, Embossing and Plating pads, Floor Polishers, Industrial gloves, Inking Pads, Lubricating Pads, Oil, air and liquid filters, Oil and Grease seals, Packaging, Polishing & Buffing, Printing rollers, Sanding pads, Screen Printing blankets, Steering Column bushes, Strip metal wipers, Surgical and orthopaedic pads, Vacuum dryer pads, Window channel packaging, squeezing sleeves, Roller Covers.,

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